An audiobook I was engaged in listening to.

by ggeurs

This is a review of The Word of Promise, NKJV New Testament audiobook.


I read the Bible regularly; it is usually a part of my morning before the rest of the day’s activities. However, sometimes sleep wins versus me getting up earlier. Other times, the schedule does not permit me being able to read in the mornings. Even then I try to get in some of the Bible one way or another.

Most people who are reading this review and looking for a solid audio Bible will be familiar with the smart phone app YouVersion; its audio feature is nice. I used it from time to time while grading papers at my desk. The problem with it is the audio is very simple, and I zone out listening to it quickly. I also have the Faith Comes By Hearing collection on my iPod and will listen to it while running, but I find the narrator to be distracting at points to listen to. In The Word of Promise, I have found an audio Bible with which I am happy.

First, the narrative flow is smooth. As the audio moves from chapter to chapter, the only indication that the listener gets that one chapter has ended is that there is a fade-out in the sound and a fade-in at the next; no jarring voice interrupts the audio with, “The book of Matthew, Chapter 4.” A second aspect of this which I enjoyed was the background music which plays in the background throughout the entire set; it is at points soothing and other points tense. It is appropriate and fits the project. I actually would not mind owning an audio set of just the audio. The sound effects are seamlessly added into the audio to add another layer of richness to the project.

The last thing I enjoy about this audiobook project is the cast of performers in this collection. Michael York does an exceptional job as a narrator. Richard Dreyfuss, who would not have been my first choice for his role, does suitably well as Moses. The surprise performance however, goes to Luke Perry, whose Judas is not only enjoyable, but when he comes back in Acts as Stephen it is a welcome surprise.

Though the reader/listener could sit down and try to follow along with an NKJV Bible, the Word of Promise might make it difficult to follow on the words printed on the page. This project clearly is meant to be enjoyed as a listening experience. A potential listener who is looking for a Bible in audio format which is both fast-moving and engaging would do well in considering this edition.

I received my copy of The Word of Promise for free through the BookLook Bloggers program in exchange for listening through it and posting a review of it. I was not obligated to write a positive review; I thoroughly enjoyed this product and the opinions expressed are mine.