Review: “Leadership Promises for Every Day” by John C. Maxwell

This is a review of the daily devotional from John C. MaxwellLeadership Promises for Every Day.


An inspired life is one that receives words of inspiration daily. In my position as a teacher-leader at the high school where I work, not only do students look to me for a spark, but I also look to others for the same. It is undeniable that John C. Maxwell is a legend when it comes to developing leadership and a cohesive team. In the place of being able to chat with him daily, I highly recommend snagging a copy of his 365-day devotional Leadership Promises for Every Day. This book originally came out in a slightly larger paperback edition in 2007; a more compact version in imitation leather was published last year. I originally obtained a copy and read through it cover to cover. Now that a new year has begun I am going back through it slower.

This book is a lot more beneficial reading it in the latter fashion. While reading multiple days in a couple sittings is a quick way to get an idea of everything Maxwell is trying to say, there is so much packed into each individual day’s reading that bingeing does not give the reader the most from this collection.

The readings are short with a small excerpt from the Bible to begin and then excerpts taken from various books Maxwell has written. The months are organized by theme, making it easy to follow along and gives the reader a sense of connectivity among the daily readings.

Maxwell is a busy, and frequently sought-after speaker/teacher. Leadership Promises for Every Day may be the layman’s best bet at learning valuable leadership insights from a real expert.

I received my copy of this book for free through the BookLook Bloggers program in exchange for writing a review on the book. I was not obligated to publish such a glowing review; the opinions expressed are mine.