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Month: November, 2017

Review: “The Daily Question” Journal

This is a review of The Daily Question: My Five-Year Spiritual Journal.

I enjoy a deep dive into reflection. Reflection is a vital part of growth and learning from experiences. After going through the questions that comprise The Daily Question, I have found a tool that will last me for many years.

The concept of this book is relatively simple. Each page is one day on the calendar. Each day has a question for refection (e.g. March 4’s question is, “What truth from God do you need to start believe about yourself?”). And for each question there are blanks to answer for five consecutive years. The point is to do the journal for five years in a row, not just reflecting on your current answer, but also how you have grown and changed since last answering the question.

When I first heard about this book and read through descriptions, I anticipated a bunch of Elizabeth Gilbert style, touchy-feely stuff. This, however, is not the case. The questions at times are kind of whimsical like, “What is something that needs to be invented?” while other questions are more poignant like, “Today was ____?”

I read through each question without thinking too much into them because I wanted to be surprised by the questions when I went through the journal for real; I also read through all the questions because I wanted to decide whether or not I actually wanted to commit the time to reading it. After going through the questions, I can say it definitely is something I want to invest time in.

The Daily Question is a book that on its surface seems like a straightforward concept, but in reality is a lot more complex and will provide a lot more growth for the person who sticks with it faithfully.

I received my copy of this book for free through the Blogging for Books program in exchange for reviewing it. I was not obligated to publish a positive review; the opinions expressed are mine.

Review: “Know the Word” Study Bible

This is a review of the Know the Word Bible published by Thomas Nelson Publishers.

I tend stay away from the King James Bible; at times I have found the language less accessible. This can be a major problem because I read the Bible in the mornings and inaccessible text is the type of thing which easily can cause my eyes to glaze over. But I am up for a challenge, and I determined not to let my eyes glaze over with a King James Bible, so I chose the Know the Word Study Bible-KJV and after going through it, I can say it was a good choice.

This Bible features the traditional KJV text, so traditionalists can rejoice. What it also provides are some unique and helpful features. Before each of the books, the editors provide an overview of the author/book, key ideas, and key verses. Throughout each book, there are topical articles, as well as verse-by-verse notes to help the reader comprehend the text. The back of the book contains a concordance of common words and their location, as long as a wide assortment of maps to help the reader obtain a geographical context. A useful reading piece the editors put in between the Old Testament and the New Testament is a two-page overview of what happens between Malachi 4:6 and Matthew 1:1 (“What Happened Between the Old and New Testaments”); it is useful because it gives the readers an idea of the culture that Jesus was born into.

For the reader who wants to start wading into the language of the KJV Bible, Know the Word is a good resource to have. The text is there, as well as study resources, to help the reader dig into the text. Considering a simple study aide, consider this book.

I received my copy of this book through the BookLook Bloggers program in exchange for reviewing it. I was not obligated to post a positive review; the opinions expressed are mine.

Later that week; or Jesse, part 2.

Over the weekend, I wrote a blog post about one of my favorite artists and some crazy stuff going on.


I will keep this brief. I promise.

All the backlash against the Mr. Lacey was the result of a story written by some guy who writes for an obscure ‘zine, and the author, from all indications based on his writing, didn’t bother to corroborate his story with any tangible, verifiable proof.

Jesse writes a lengthy statement about how he is chronically infidelitous, how he is horrible relationships, and that he sought treatment years ago. However, he never says, “Yeah…I did what that girl accused me of.” Still no actual proof.

It’s fine if the girl who the story focuses on has an ax to grind with Jesse; she can say whatever she wants. This is America.

But without seeing actual evidence to verify the allegations is negligent journalism, sir. And for a whole army of online critics to let the most inhumane parts of their character come out as they vilify both Jesse and his wife is evil of a whole different kind.

I am not trying to victim-shame. I am probably being simplistic. But something seems to be missing here.

Why I stand beside Jesse.

Allegations have come out about the lead singer of my favorite band. The band has done more to influence my guitar playing than any other band I know, including Nirvana. I own every proper album the band has put out, as well five t-shirts and one sweatshirt (Sarah, I am probably ordering one more this week).

Jesse probably did it. There is probably way more going on.

I empathize for those hurt by Jesse’s actions. I won’t try to excuse his actions because I do not know the man personally, and because if the allegations are true, they are inexcusable.

But I stand beside Jesse.

People who don’t receive grace and forgiveness don’t heal.

Granted, I don’t know JL personally, and he didn’t directly harm me, so some would argue that it is easy to say I forgive him. I could flip the coin, direct anyone to a comments section about this topic, and point at person after person who does not know Jesse, yet finds it easy enough to attack him.

Which actually brings us to the real matter.

If there is one thing that the past couple years have demonstrated, it is that we should all actually be up in arms about the fact that we live in a world where these types of things happen. Instead of trying to find people who are broken and loving on them, we shame them into hiding. Then their repressed hurts cause them to act out and hurt others. And then the hurt individuals hide their hurts. And then they hurt others.  Hurt people hurt people. And as long we continue to shame and attack instead of love on the hurt, things will never change.

Just my take.