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Month: June, 2014

Summer. Man.

The summer is officially here.  The last few weeks have been crazy with this school year coming to end and sending my seniors out into the real world.  I have thoughts about this which will come up later this week.  Stay tuned as details develop.

A high school reflection.

This post is an essay I wrote for my soon-to-be graduating seniors as an example of a reflective essay.  I graduated high school ten years ago, but it was crazy to consider how quickly some of the memories came back to me.  Read.  Enjoy.  And then consider what high school meant for you.  -G.

Many people at some point in their teenage years had the nightmare of showing up to school in their underwear.  While I had the nightmare a few times, in reflecting on my high school years I never actually had that happen to me.  It has not been ten years since I graduated from Clinton Prairie High School in Frankfort, Indiana, and in reflection I can think back and understand more clearly than on graduation day what high school meant to me.

            Of all the things which I enjoyed most about high school, there is only one thing I miss the most.  The final bell to signal the end of the school day rang at 3:05 every afternoon.  I miss the time frame between approximately 3:12 and 3:17 p.m. when I would walk from my upstairs locker, down the empty halls, and out the back doors to my waiting van in the parking lot.  At that time of the day, the building was always quiet and peaceful, and I felt like for those few minutes that nothing could go wrong; everything was the way it should be.  While it wasn’t exactly paradise, one could probably find some similarities between it and the quiet school building at the end of the school day.

            I do not miss the visual art classes I was required to take.  While I am a musically talented individual who was involved in anything related to Band and Show Choir, I am not an artistic person and I find it unrealistic to believe that I could have ever excelled in a class that is all about talents which a person already has.  Since my high school alma mater did not have weighted GPAs, Art killed mine more than Physics or Pre-Calculus.

            My overall high school experience could be described as chaotic.  My high school career included the infamous George W. Bush re-election with the Florida voting dispute, the attacks of September 11, and the simultaneous invasions of both Iraq and Afghanistan.  Along with that were the academic challenges.  Each year brought its own set of unique and unforeseeable struggles and challenges.  No grading term schedule was ever close to identical, each year’s requirements and new paperwork never had to be done twice, and each term’s completion meant the beginning of a next one. 

            I would not trade my high school experiences for anything, but there are times when I think about some things I wish would have been done differently.  In the end, high school was an experience that I can always look back on and see the positives that it contained.