Stay lit.

The Old Testament can seem boring sometimes. There are long names that are hard to pronounce, obscure geography, and bloodshed galore. Are you with me?

But every once in a while, something special jumps out of the page:

“Tell Aaron to put the seven lamps on the lampstand so they shine towards the front” (Numbers 8:2 CEV).



If you’ve ever watched a candle, you can’t control what the light reveals. You can position the candle, but the light goes everywhere.

This artist’s rendering of the tabernacle (thanks, Google!) helps us get a picture in our heads of this part of the tabernacle. The lamp lights up the area in front of the lampstand, yes, but also the incense altar, the table with the shewbread and many other places in and around it. Christians, this verse has application to us today.

Image result for old testament tabernacle

We should be aware of how our character and conduct illuminate both where the light of Christ is present in our lives, and where it is lacking. We need to take time and reflect on where we are trying to focus the light of Christ, and what areas around us are being revealed in the process. The Christian Life is a process, and we need to keep the lamp of God’s Presence burning, watching to see where and what areas the light illuminates.

Stay lit.