Can this just stop, please?

Can this whole passionately taking sides without an evidential basis thing please stop? It’s one thing to discourse without tangible proof about immaterial subjects (proof of God, strongest driver of impulse in the human psyche, which one of the Wiggles was the creepiest [Jeff]?, etc.). It’s another when it involves flesh-and-blood people and actual, tangible, things.

It seems to me like somewhere in the process of progressing as a society, we decided to throw common sense and the ability to suspend jumping to unnecessary conclusions out of our collective mental windows.

Am I missing something? Or is everyone else?

In the current Kavanaugh/Ford debacle, clearly one person is telling the truth and the other is lying. But I wonder how many people -lacking any sort of evidence or credibility on the subject- have jumped in and passionately decried one or the other of the two individuals? Maybe I am stuck in some sort of a vacuum and it is just happening to me. But to me, it feel s like an egregious quantity of folk with unqualified opinions are using whatever platform they can get their hands on to (maybe) make fools of themselves.

If Ford is lying, then anyone desperately claiming that Ford’s allegations are true is wrong, and embarrassingly so at that.

If Kavanaugh is lying, then anyone claiming his innocence and insulting Ford has reflected poor character.

Yes, the composition of the U.S. Supreme Court affects us all. But we should not allow ourselves to be impacted by it and commit unnecessary character suicide. Because simply, once evidence comes out in favor of one or the other, a whole bunch of people are going to have a whole bunch of egg on their faces.

If the truth is never revealed this side of eternity, then it still seems like a whole bunch of people will have become passionately belligerent for nothing.

Please excuse the overuse of cliches in this post, and the lack of proofreading that happened before I published this.

P.S. If Kavanaugh did commit the alleged acts of sexual assault for which he is accused, he should not be confirmed and President Trump should find someone else. I base this on the fact that at this point, if Kavanaugh did do it, he has spent more than three weeks lying to the American people. While I can understand the concept of forgiving major mistakes and moving on from something that happened 36 years ago (though even in this case I do not necessarily agree), the fact that an individual who we would like to believe would uphold the U.S. Constitution with dignity and integrity has spent the past time not acting in dignity and integrity should disqualify him. It would reflect character that is not consistent with our view of the Bench.

If he didn’t do it though, confirm and move on.