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Month: December, 2016

Don’t forget we lost him in 2016. But his torch is still being carried

We can all agree that in 2016, Earth lost many people of note, from politicians to public servants to celebrities and then some. One person whose passing this year barely made a splash was Jack T. Chick.

This is unfortunate.

Because of his prolific work, Jack T. Chick is the most published cartoonist in the United States (sorry Stan Lee). It is doubtless that you may have seen his work and not even realized who created it (CLICK HERE FOR A SAMPLE). Regardless, the man and his work had a major impact on culture in the U.S. and I was surprised his passing didn’t get more attention.

His work was a major contributor to how evangelical Christians have stereotypically been viewed in the U.S. His fundamentalist Christian tenets are the things which drove his work. Full disclosure: I read Chick tracts for pleasure and amusement, not to prepare how to use them as an evangelism tool. When I found out Chick had died, I was worried that I would be unable to find anyone to fill that void for me. And then I found Matt Walsh and Pulpit & Pen. There are others out there maintaining a fundamentalist bent, but these two do a great job of keeping it at the forefront.

So while I mourn the passing of a talented comic artist who I would have loved to dialogue on many of his views, I can rest assured that content that falls into that same vein is still alive.

(Some of) The Best Music of 2016…as ranked by me.

We are less than three weeks from the end of the year and now is the time to look back on what was great, and probably overlooked, in 2016’s music world. Because so often words cannot quite do justice to good music, I am going to let the music speak for itself on this one. These are my top ten picks for twenty-one-six (in somewhat of an order):

10.  Blanco, David Bazan (Indie, singer/songwriter, electronic, chillaxable)

9.  The Well-Intentioned Virus, Zao (Black metal, hardcore, wear a helmet for this one)

8.  Songs for the Late Night Drive Home, Anchor & Braille (Pop, alternative, electronic, fills the listener with happy)

7.  True Sadness, The Avett Brothers (Folk, awesome)

6.  To Be Everywhere is to Be Nowhere, Thrice (Post-hardcore, alternative, you’re welcome for this)

5.  American Prodigal, Crowder (Bluegrass, alternative, gospel, beard)

4.  Ruminations, Conor Oberst (Indie, singer/songwriter, mature)

3.  Painkillers, Brian Fallons (Indie, acoustic, folk, voice like gravel)

2.  22, A Million, Bon Iver (Electronic, folk, not what you hear on the radio)

1.  Polar Similar, Norma Jean (Metal, alternative, Norma Jean should have its own genre)