John C. Maxwell Takes the Reader to School.

This is a review of The Complete 101 Collection by John C. Maxwell.

Leadership. If football coach Lou Holtz wrote the playbook for how to develop an impeccable college team, then John C. Maxwell should be credited with writing the play book for how to develop impeccable leadership potential into straight up leadership awesome. Over the past twelve years, Maxwell published a series of books on different aspects of leadership (attitude, self-improvement, leadership, relationships, success, teamwork, equipping, and mentoring), each titled that trait with “101” after it. All eight of the titles have been collected in one cover, and the book is called The Complete 101 Collection.

I enjoy reading what Maxwell has to say. His works are some of the very few where I can say with honesty that the writing style almost makes up for the fact that he is not present speaking to you. The key points in his works are phrased in a way that the ideas can connect with any reader avid to the topic. This is exactly what you get regarding this book. When Maxwell discusses the importance for maintaining a positive attitude, his word choice conveys this necessity and you can detect the enthusiasm in his “voice.” When he talks about how one achieves success, the reader feels like Maxwell has been there many times before. As he describes the necessity to mentor others, the reader feels as if he or she is being taken under Maxwell’s wing, and realizes that is what Maxwell has been doing all along.

Having read most of the 101 series before, the big thing I appreciated about The Complete 101 Collection is that the book is organized not by chronological publication date, but by how well the subjects of the books logically flow into one another. If you already have most or all the “101” books, consider reading this anyway (and even buying it to have as a resource and then giving your individual 101 books to others) because the order the topics are arranged creates a new feel for each of the books separately.

The individual who is in a leadership position, may be in a leadership position later, or enjoys working alongside others should consider reading this book. Maxwell’s insights are invaluable to any individual as he or she develops quality leadership traits.

The book was provided for free through the BookLook Bloggers program in exchange for it being reviewed. I was not obligated to publish a positive review; the opinions contained are mine.