Sometimes bad application is the best application.

by ggeurs

This week feels like it has been the set-up to a bad post-apocalyptic movie. As an English teacher, my profession spends a good amount of time reading literature about dystopia, never expecting to end up in one. I should have paid attention.

I have a morning routine when I arrive to my classroom: “Bible before email.” When it comes to study of the Bible, there are nuanced rules towards accomplishing good exegesis of a passage. Some days, though, the takeaway from the passage when ignoring the rules is the one you should get.

Thursday morning, I read Colossians 2. I am reading it out of the NIV. For the first half of the week, there had been a general sense that something was building and people were beginning to act irrational. In the midst of all of it, I read the following:

They have lost connection with the head, from whom the whole body, supported and held together by its ligaments and sinews, grows as God causes it to grow” (2:19).

I bolded the phrase from the verse for emphasis because that is what jumped out at me and got my brain thinking. While the “head” referred to in the passage is not talking about “common sense” or “control of emotions,” that phrase stuck me in just that sense. As I went through the rest of the day and school week, I kept reminding myself “Don’t be a they” in order to keep my perspective.

It helped.

So, to you, I say: Don’t be a they. Keep your head.