I reviewed a Bible designed for little girls.

by ggeurs

This is a review of the International Children’s Bible- Sparkle and Change edition from Tommy Nelson. 


I appreciate the beauty of the language in the King James Version, the scholarship behind the New American Standard Version, and the accessibility of the English Standard Version of the Bible. I started regularly reading a Bible well after the age where I might have benefited from a children’s Bible. For the last two months, I have used the International Children’s Bible as a part of my morning reading and looking at this from the perspective of a teacher and parent, I have been impressed with what is in this edition and its usefulness.

The way that this translation simplifies language so that young people (and even those new to the Bible as adults) is something that readers will appreciate. Consider the way that this familiar passage is presented: “The Lord is my shepherd. I have everything I need” (Psalm 23:1). I pick this passage because another thing this version of the Bible does is put potentially unfamiliar words in a bold font so that the reader can know to turn to a glossary in the back of the Bible that explains that word, like “shepherd.” It also has important passages highlighted to jump out to new readers, like Psalm 23:1, for example.

While this translation does not edit out “sensitive” passages, it presents them in manner that might be easier with guidance for readers to understand, like the example of the Levite and his concubine in Judges 19-20. Instead of using the word “concubine,” the ICB uses the term “slave woman,” which is explained in the glossary that the word “concubine” and the word is described in simple terms.

This Bible is thoughtfully layed out. There are explanatory segments throughout this Bible to help new readers to understand what they are reading. Young kids, new readers, and those looking for “the simple idea” will gain a lot from this. While I am not a girl, the sequins and color scheme are bound to delight little girls- my daughter seems to enjoy it.

For a young girl who is a new reader, the International Children’s Bible: Sparkle and Change edition is a perfect choice. Even as an adult, I have been using this as part of my study time especially as a way to approach the Psalms and Old Testament from a new perspective. All around, it is a solid choice.

I received my copy of this Bible for free through the BookLook Bloggers program in exchange for reviewing it. I was not obligated to write a positive review; the opinions expressed are mine solely.