#30SongChallenge – Day 8

by ggeurs

Song 8:  A Song You Know All the Words To

Artist:  dc Talk

Song:  “Jesus Freak”

Album:  Jesus Freak

When I was middle-school age, I was pulled into the pastor’s office at church for a closed-door meeting with him and one of the elders. The pastor yelled down at me and told me that I was “sowing dissension in the youth!” I was told that I was backslidden and had a rebellious spirit! My offense: I dubbed a copy of dcTalk’s double platinum, Grammy-award winning album Jesus Freak on a cassette tape and gave it to one of the member’s of my church’s youth group.

There are plenty of songs I know word-for-word. I pick this one because it is the first one that I remember knowing that I knew all the words to. I also pick it because of the album’s “special” place in my life.