I have probably never been this excited over a Bible before.

by ggeurs


Image courtesy of Thomas Nelson Bibles website (I do not own the copyright to this image).

This is a review of the NKJV Reader’s Bible from Thomas Nelson.

The idea is a really simple one, which on the surface does not seem like that big of a deal. Take a Bible, remove cross-reference notes, take out verse and chapter numbers from within the text (have chapter numbers on the left margin and a verse number every five verses or so on the right), keep the section headings simple, and call it a “Reader’s Bible.” The concept is pretty straightforward.

I own two different study Bibles, two different journaling Bibles, a respectable number of different translations, and none of them matches the simplicity and readability of my NKJV Reader’s Bible. The typeface used is Thomas Nelson’s special copyrighted Comfort Print font (as a nerd for printing characteristics, I love Comfort Print). The line spacing and typeface size make reading easy on the eyes. And the version that I have is the classy New King James Translation, which brings a lot of the punch and cadence of the KJV, but with language updates to make it more comprehensible for the reader with a lower vocabulary.

But what gets me is how removing the distractions from the page makes way for the text to do its job. As I was reading from it, I noticed two things. The first I noticed was that I seemed to be reading the lines of the text quicker. The second thing I noticed was that at a higher reading speed, the main idea of an entire section sunk in easier; and when I read slower, it’s easier to focus on a phrase or sentence without the distraction of feeling like I have to look at a whole verse.

If you are looking at getting a Bible for the purpose of reading it and enjoying it as the text was originally read (without chapter and verse numbers), the Reader’s Bible is a perfect choice. I love mine, and even though I got it for free, I would still have purchased one, and for full retail price too. It is that good of a Bible.

I received my copy of the NKJV Deluxe Reader’s Bible for free from the publisher in exchange for publishing a review on it. I was not obligated to post a positive review; the opinions expressed are mine.