Review: “Bearded Gospel Men: The Epic Quest for Godliness and Manliness”

by ggeurs

This is a review of  Bearded Gospel Men by Jared Brock and Aaron Alford.

It seems that the world is in a renaissance of a manliness; everywhere one turns, it is bearded this and warrior that. It was only a matter of time until someone published a devotional book like Bearded Gospel Men: The Epic Quest for Godliness and Manliness. When I first picked up the book, the beard memes made me giggle, but the internal cynic had me doubting whether something like this could have any actual substance to it. I am happy to report that my initial inklings were wrong.

This book is a collection of 31 short biographies of various men (and one woman) of the Christian faith. Some of them date way back to the actual time of Jesus, while others have lived more contemporary. Each chapter contains a Bible verse, a quote (usually) from the featured person of the chapter, a short biography, reflection questions, a prayer, and then something humorous and beardly. The subjects are vast, and even those I thought I knew well the authors included some info about that I was unaware of.

This book is meant to be taken at a chapter a day, and each chapter takes 10 minutes maximum to read. As a Christian, and man with a beard, I endorse this book.

I received my copy of this book for free in exchange for reviewing it. I was not obligated to post a positive review; the opinions expressed are mine.