Later that week; or Jesse, part 2.

by ggeurs

Over the weekend, I wrote a blog post about one of my favorite artists and some crazy stuff going on.


I will keep this brief. I promise.

All the backlash against the Mr. Lacey was the result of a story written by some guy who writes for an obscure ‘zine, and the author, from all indications based on his writing, didn’t bother to corroborate his story with any tangible, verifiable proof.

Jesse writes a lengthy statement about how he is chronically infidelitous, how he is horrible relationships, and that he sought treatment years ago. However, he never says, “Yeah…I did what that girl accused me of.” Still no actual proof.

It’s fine if the girl who the story focuses on has an ax to grind with Jesse; she can say whatever she wants. This is America.

But without seeing actual evidence to verify the allegations is negligent journalism, sir. And for a whole army of online critics to let the most inhumane parts of their character come out as they vilify both Jesse and his wife is evil of a whole different kind.

I am not trying to victim-shame. I am probably being simplistic. But something seems to be missing here.