Why I stand beside Jesse.

by ggeurs

Allegations have come out about the lead singer of my favorite band. The band has done more to influence my guitar playing than any other band I know, including Nirvana. I own every proper album the band has put out, as well five t-shirts and one sweatshirt (Sarah, I am probably ordering one more this week).

Jesse probably did it. There is probably way more going on.

I empathize for those hurt by Jesse’s actions. I won’t try to excuse his actions because I do not know the man personally, and because if the allegations are true, they are inexcusable.

But I stand beside Jesse.

People who don’t receive grace and forgiveness don’t heal.

Granted, I don’t know JL personally, and he didn’t directly harm me, so some would argue that it is easy to say I forgive him. I could flip the coin, direct anyone to a comments section about this topic, and point at person after person who does not know Jesse, yet finds it easy enough to attack him.

Which actually brings us to the real matter.

If there is one thing that the past couple years have demonstrated, it is that we should all actually be up in arms about the fact that we live in a world where these types of things happen. Instead of trying to find people who are broken and loving on them, we shame them into hiding. Then their repressed hurts cause them to act out and hurt others. And then the hurt individuals hide their hurts. And then they hurt others.  Hurt people hurt people. And as long we continue to shame and attack instead of love on the hurt, things will never change.

Just my take.