Review: NKJV Study Bible

by ggeurs

This is a review of The Study Bible: NKJV from Thomas Nelson Publishers.

I have read through many Bible translations: ESV, NIV, The Message, NLT, New Jerusalem Bible, and NRSV to name a few. Another translation on my “have read” list is the New King James Version. Of the translations I have read, I find the NKJV to be a more scholarly translation in that it preserves the general flow and some of the more challenging higher-level wording of the King James Version, while overall bringing the text into a readability for the modern individual.

For the individual who is interested in studying the Bible, whether for academics, exploration of an unfamiliar set of texts, personal devotions, or a combination of the three, a study Bible is the way to go, and after having gone through the Study Bible: NKJV second edition from Thomas Nelson, I highly recommend it as one to consider using.

The resources in this book are invaluable, from the verse commentaries which run throughout each chapter at the bottom of the pages, to parallel verse notes in the middle margins, to Hebrew and Greek word study notes with corresponding Strong’s numbers. The articles written by contributing editors are a good resource on their own and could be collected as a separate book and be useful on their own. I found the notes and articles in the Minor Prophets to be especially helpful.

The topical, annotation, and subject concordances make finding specific things in this edition of the Bible faster. Going back to talk about the verse commentaries, the editors do a good job of balancing academic commentary with personal engagement commentary; I appreciated reading the notes and feeling like I was actually looking at the personal study notebook of a Biblical scholar.

For all the information packed into this book, its size is deceptively small and I expected quite a bit of eyestrain trying to read which I did not get. This study Bible is a solid choice for both a Bible newbie or a seasoned veteran. I cannot recommend this one enough.

I received my copy of the Bible for free through the BookLook Bloggers program in exchange for writing a review on it. I was not obligated to post a positive review; the views expressed are my own. And I would contend anyone who reads through this Bible and its materials will most likely agree with the contents of this review.