by ggeurs

This trimester I am teaching a Biblical literature course at the high school. A couple weeks ago we finished Job. The discussions were enlightening and has led me to determine that I should reduce the amount we are reading for the course, and increase the amount of discussion. But that’s not the point of this post.

This is.

Over the weekend, our senior class lost one of its own. And I couldn’t help but think about how timely Job’s coverage was. Because we didn’t talk about it necessarily in the way one traditionally thinks about Job.

We didn’t talk about patience in suffering- the dude got pretty heated. We also didn’t talk about the (weak) explanation for why suffering happens. Instead, we talked about how to respond appropriately when others are suffering.

If you have never read Job, please do. But to catch you up, this guy named Job has the perfect life, loses everything as a result of a cosmic bet between God and satan, and then Job’s friends comfort Job by telling him this happened because he probably secretly sinned and this is karma coming back to get him. They would have been better to have showed support silently by simply being there.

It will be interesting to watch my students this week to see how any of them act out their support for suffering classmates this week.