“Row, Row, Row Your Boat” may be one of my new favorite songs.

by ggeurs

Kizzy and I were sitting in the living room earlier this evening. It was nearing time for her pajamas, bottle, and bed time. This means of course that she was beginning to get fussy. So in a fit of boredom…or desperation…I dropped “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” on her.

And she loved it.

The giggles started. And as soon as I stopped, she started reaching for one of my hands and grunting, which I am assuming for infant communication to “Sing the song and row with me again, Daddy!”

It’s times like these that make being a dad much more enjoyable than the times when I join the pillow club (the term used for taking a pillow into the next room over and giving it a couple good frustrated slaps because of the frustrations of a cranky baby).