#DoOver My First Year of Teaching, Part 2

by ggeurs

As this first week of the school year comes to a close, I think back on my real first year of teaching ever, seven years ago.  After about my first month in the classroom, a though crossed my mind which still revisits me from time to time. The thought goes something like this:

Man, all my lessons are so predictable and are a remix of the same old techniques. I am a horrible teacher. I wish I knew of some place to go where I could learn some new tricks.

A colleague of mine is a champion of incorporating the phrase “The answer is in the room” into his classroom practice. In a staff meeting yesterday (where I presented, but no big deal there…) that phrase resonated through my mind. Man! If only I had actually realized this during my first year of teaching, perhaps it could have been better.

So…as this first year is now officially under way, my takeaway is that if I feel like my classroom practice is stale in an area, I am not going to turn to the interwebs or a PD session before first talking to some of the best teachers I know: the ones I work with ever day.