Billy Graham’s reason for hope.

by ggeurs

This is a review of The Reason for My Hope by Billy Graham.

Whether raised in church or not, many people will tend to agree that one of the most influential and inspiring people of the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries is Billy Graham.  Focused, passionate, devout, it is practically impossible to overlook the single effect that Mr. Graham has had on American culture and politics.  When he passes away, the world will lose one of the few remaining greats of a timeless era.  This is why I am thankful for a book like The Reason for My Hope.

I have had the opportunity to hear Mr. Graham speak in person.  Anyone who has knows that he has a way of presenting a central message, and everything from the anecdotes to illustrations to even jokes cycle right back to the main point.  And the way that he does it is with such an air of humble authority that captivates the audience.  In an almost seemingly impossible feat, The Reason for My Hope captures this quality about Graham as a speaker, right down to the central message of the Gospel which he never deviates from, and translates it to the written page.  In reading the book, I could imagine the voice of Graham speaking every word from the page.

Another thing I enjoyed about the book is the quiet sense of urgency, a characteristic of Mr. Graham throughout his ministry, that pervades every single page of the book.  One would have to be blind, illiterate, or both to overlook this aspect.  Graham’s discussion on salvation and why it is needed seems timeless and relevant for today; whether one believes in the idea of sin, one cannot deny that as a society we have created quite a mess of things that it will take a supernatural event to save us from.

In the end, The Reason for My Hope gets the thumbs-up.  It would be useful as a tool for new Christians or small group discussions.

I received my copy of this book through the BookLook Bloggers program for free in exchange for posting a review on the book.  I was not obligated to post a positive review; the opinions expressed are mine.