Finishing Well, Finishing Strong.

by ggeurs

This is my review of Finishing Well, Finishing Strong by Jim Grassi.

Finishing Well, Finishing Strong (A Romans 12 Disciple)

At times in the life of a man, he feels as the pressures and wonders if it is all for anything. Will it serve a purpose or benefit anyone? In short, “To what end am I directed?” Jim Grassi not only seeks to answer that question, but also how to accomplish it with a level excellence and dignity. Finishing Strong, Finishing Well is a book aimed at equipping a man to focus his life, whether at nineteen or ninety, and make it successful. Whether he accomplishes it for this reader or not is a different story.

In this short book, which is really a part of a series of other books geared towards men as (future) leaders, Grassi follows a formula of lesson-based anecdote for context, personal example, Biblical application, and challenges for the reader to do personally and with a mentor. The book is full of tips for succeeding in many areas of life, including setting goals, not being overwhelmed by materialism, embracing mortality, etc. The part that rocked my world the most (probably because I’m not quite 30 yet and haven’t experienced many of the other circumstances Grassi describes), was a part in the chapter on embracing one’s mortality. At the end of the chapter is a personal challenge to come up with your own one-sentence epitaph that you could imagine being engraved on your tombstone. I still haven’t been able to do it.

The big critique I have about this book is that even though Grassi claims it’s for men of practically any age, I had trouble finding a way to apply some of the content to my own life. As a 29-year-old English teacher, I am not faced with the temptation to have my life overwhelmed by success. Even a lot of the good stuff for me was stuff I already knew and/or was doing. Maybe if life gets hectic in a few years I will revisit this book and find it more applicable. Also, there is an emphasis in this book to complete it with a mentor. The reader who also has a mentor with whom to do this book will probably get more out of it.

Finishing Well, Finishing Strong is a good book for a man who feels his priorities are out of balance or who needs a good pep talk. If you read this book, keep these three things in mind:

1. Be a dude.
2. Be a dude who needs some motivation from a coach.
3. Be a dude who needs some motivation from a coach and has one (a mentor) to help you along the way.

I received my copy of this book for free through the BookLookBloggers program in exchange for writing a review on it. The opinions expressed are mine.